Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goobye 2012... Hello 2013!


I figured I could play catch up in one single post... all the pics are from December 2012 and tie up the amazing year that we've had.

Christmas Shopping for our favorite teachers 
(yes, Lulu really bought sock monkeys for her teachers... and they loved them!)
 Lulu wearing: crewcuts cardigan circa 2009 & lately lily just start tee

Wrapped and ready to give...

Discovering our city... 
St Louis Walk of Fame.
There is Grandpa's Star!
Lulu wearing: crewcuts button coat cira 2009, old navy blk/wht strip leggings (no longer avail), zara quilted ski boots
JanieCakes wearing: zara jacket circa 2011, jcrew factory navy/white stripe dress, Minnetonka Double Fringe Moccasin

Uncle Brad surprised JanieCakes with this Official NFL VINTAGE Cheerleader Outfit... 
Grandpa's old team -St Louis Cardinals!

 Helping mommy shop for shoes at Nordstrom Rack.
Those were AMAZING orange heels Lulu is wearing...
 Lulu wearing: north face aconcagua jacket, nautica sweats circa 2009

JanieCakes loving her birthday gift from Aunt Annie
 JanieCakes wearing: mini boden tee (sold out) & Petunia twirl skirt from ShopLusso 

JanieCake's REAL Birthday we went to visit with Santa!
Lulu wearing: Crewcuts Navy Cardigan & Lately Lily Parka Lily Tee
JanieCakes wearing: all H&M... Rapunzel Tee, Twirl Tutu & Pink Sparkle Leggings.

On our way to JanieCake's Christmas Pageant...

Lulu's FIRST Christmas Cookie Party at school!
My first time I needed to learn to juggle the girls schedule as the pageant and cookie party were at the same time! 
 Lulu wearing: Janie & Jack Reindeer Fair Isle Sweater 
(in store on sale)

Taking Rudolph for a spin...
JanieCakes wearing: Gapkids Cupcake Tee, H&M Pink & Red Polka Dot Leggings, Chooze Shoes Dig Boots.

The Advent Calendar JanieCakes made... 
one of my most favorite items from this holiday season.

The girls JOINT birthday party...
Christmas themed again! 
What else do you do when its 7 days from JanieCakes to Lulu then 7 days til Christmas?

 5 years

 2 years

 Snuggled by the fire...

For Lulu's REAL Birthday we went to see the famous Tilles Park lights via carriage!

Christmas Eve Sisters
 JanieCakes wearing: Crewcuts Pink & Red Stripe Dress (Fall 2012) 
Christmas Day giggles


Our Family

...passed out from the excitement!

HAPPY 2013! 

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  1. Love all these photos! Looks like you all had a wonderful month of celebrating bdays and Christmas. May 2013 be a wonderful to you all!


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