Wednesday, December 26, 2012

shop lusso

as you can see i have been very busy with my new part-time gig at shoplusso!  

I am posting 5 days a week and now you can SHOP online there as well... you have to swing by and see what's happening and of course shop!

girls are loving lusso and like to pop in with me for photo shoots.  they have a "little lusso" section that is full of adorable items- perfect gift giving items.

 janiecakes wearing:
elizabeth todd aplique tshirt & sweet petunia twirl skirt
both available at shoplusso!

lulu wearing:
crewcuts cardigan circa 2009,  lately lily tshirt

janiecakes wearing:
mini boden stripe bow dress from 2011

lulu wearing:
H&M fuzzy jacket from fall 2012
sitting on giant jellycat truffle dog available at shoplusso

how have you all been??? 

I promise there is lots to come-- though I may not have been posting I have been photographing! 

still to come... janiecake's birthday, lulu's birthday, christmas... and more!

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  1. Miss Lulu's twirl skirt is so adorable. I am thinking of doing a "tutu for three" bday party next year for Elle and so she will need a twirly skirt! The photo also of Lulu is so adorable.


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