Friday, January 25, 2013

all she wrote...

you read correctly above...
this is the last post i am writing for mini fashion plates. 

sad, but at the same time a huge relief.

all i think about every day is how i am neglecting the blog but i just don't seem to have time anymore and its going to be even busier in the next few months.

buying a house here in st louis is #1 on the agenda and most likely we will need to do a lot of updating once we find the house.

then there is end of this school year followed by: 
 summer camp, kindergarten (JanieCakes!)
preschool (3days for lulu!)

someday i am hoping that when you do visit you will find a chic and affordable fashion site for wee ones as my dear friend chelsea keeps telling me to do... 

alas i fear that by the time i get around to that my mini fashion plates will not be so mini anymore.

don't worry i am not going total radio silent.

i am turning my efforts 100% to instagram- you are welcome to "keep up with" 
janiecakeslulu there as i will continue to document their childhood one fabulous outfit at a time while exploring our new city. 

please keep in touch!

i have made some amazing friends over the last 3 years blogging and i truly cherish all my amazing readers that stayed with me from the beginning thru my pregnancy and birth of lulu and followed me from my first blog over to mini fashion plates. 

wishing you all the best...

Marla, JanieCakes & Lulu

hello kitty towel via GILT KIDS

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

two of fifty-two

Here is week 2 of 52!  
...have no idea what I'm talking about check out last week's post
"one of fifty-two"

JanieCakes right after swim class. 
I've been doubling up 2 private classes a week to insure that she is a little mermaid before summer camp starts in June. 
She's doing MUCH better, but thankfully we still have 5 more months!
wearing: OP swimming suit gifted by Gram... no clue where it came from, but is sure a favorite!

Lulu sitting on our front steps on a rare 58 degree day in January.
Carrying the newest and most favorite Disney Princess, Sofia.
wearing: Crewcuts "jackie" coat from 2008, Cherokee knit jeggings fall 2012, Zara quilted ski boots.

Monday, January 14, 2013

little hedgehog

...its only a little cardigan from mini boden but i adore it. 

i purchased this a while ago for lulu and it finally fits! 

i'm not sure what is cuter, the cardi or lulu...

lulu wearing: mini boden hedgehog cardigan fall 2012
no longer available on their site, but HERE is one on ebay- size 4/5

Friday, January 11, 2013

bed for a sweet little lulu

my latest project has been working on the colors/bedding for little lulu.

while we are still searching for a house here in stl that is not stopping me from being able to pull together her bedding!

when lulu was still in my tumm, janiecakes and i designed her nursery together in anticipation for lulu's december arrival.  

we decided on her favorite color pink and my favorite color red.

now that lulu is in a big girl bed i wanted to add-in a blue to add a little something extra.

here is where we are so far with the transition...

at Land of Nod 
-JanieCakes has the same bed we LOVE it!

at PBTeen 
currently on sale in  store and online, but I scored mine full size NIP from ebay for $29!

olliegraphic pillow in red
by sarah + abraham

by Zara Kids Home 

still waiting on...
by kukunest


Pom Pom Organic Pillow Cover in Bright Pink
Monogrammed with Lulu's Initials in RED
by PB Teen

Sheeting is a mixture of what I already have... 
almost all Target "Simply Shabby Chic" Pink Rose Print except my grandmother & great aunts white needlepoint/crocheted pillow cases. 

When we do find our house I want to do the walls in a pure white  with white trim...

Anyone have color suggestions? 

There are just TOO many whites out there.  

So, what do you think of Lulu's color scheme? 

what 5 o'clock looks like...

not sure about your kids, but at 5pm on any given night my girls get a bit (or a lot!) slap-happy... but of course that is when we have the most fun!

we had a impromptu fashion show the other night.

produced and modeled by the one and only JanieCakes.  
(Lulu was allowed to make two quick appearances!)


janiecakes and ariel aka the little mermaids
wearing: american apparel ribbed racerback dress

lulu the butterfly fairy
wearing crewcuts butterfly shirt circa 2009
butterfly wings from H&M 

 janiecakes showing the layering affect
wearing: american apparel ribbed racerback dress 

I didn't have the "heart" to tell her the glasses were upside down
lulu accessorized this look herself!
wearing crewcuts butterfly shirt 2009 
& gapkids heart sunglasses 2009

 janiecakes in what I imagine as what Daisy Duke would have worn as a waitress...
wearing: american apparel ribbed racerback dress
 an apron given to her for her 3rd birthday 

 ...and me!
I was crowned "Queen Mommy" 
and was promptly told after my crowning not to break the crown...

what does 5pm look like at your house?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

one of fifty-two

yesterday while reading one of my favorite blogs: baby space, i learned of a great new way to document a year in the life of my girls...

bron is joining blogger: che and fidel in 
52 a portrait a week.

"A portrait of (one/some/all of) my children, once a week, every week, in 2013." 
-bron @babyspace

I am so in love with this idea!
what a great way to keep me on top of what matters most in life, my family.

I try and "keep up with" JanieCakes and Lulu but our busy schedules seem to always be getting in the way and trying to capture those wonderful moments sometimes are forgotten.

I am taking on this challenge and here are my best shots from week 

:: ONE of FIFTY-TWO ::

 janiecakes sporting her first set of pigtails.  
i still cannot believe that she is 5. 
she's looking older and older...
the baby that made me a mommy is no longer my baby, but my sweet "big" girl.
wearing: H&M Rapunzel under shirt. (similar)

lulu decided not to nap...
instead played with minnie mouse in bed.
how can you get angry with this cutie for not napping?
wearing: mizzou jersey circa 2009

will you take the challenge? 
if so keep me posted, I would love to follow along!

Monday, January 7, 2013

i'd like you to meet...

JanieCakes & Lulu

Obsessed as ever with Etsy...

 Every year since Christmas 2010 I have had handmade dolls made for the girls and honestly I think these little ladies are by far the cutest!

Meet JanieCakes
Perfectly PINK and with a little star power... 

Meet Lulu
Too cute for words with a little touch of "Red"

Some others that are available at 
Sweet Doll's Etsy Shop...

I worked directly with Dawn to create the perfect little dolls for the girls. 

She was amazing and unbelievably FAST especially with the holiday season!
 Do you love handmade dolls? 

Have you bought any on Etsy? 

If so I'd love to hear about it! 

Looking for Christmas 2013!